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Today, every business has a website, from one-man bands in Norfolk to multi-national corporations. It is the shop window into your industry and your business.

Why do businesses invest in websites? There can be several good reasons, but if we’re honest, the main one is the hope of generating new business opportunities – This is the main reason TECPLICITY’s website exists!

Unfortunately, the reference to hope is an all too true a reality, because, without using the knowledge of how search engines rank and index websites, your website may never be seen by anyone, let alone your target customers!

Why invest in a website if no one can find your business or the products and services you provide? Like any good “Shop Front”, your website needs to be seen to be effective.

This is where Search Engine Optimisation comes in. There are broadly speaking two types of Search Engine Optimisation activity, on-page and off-site. Google produces an excellent SEO Starter Guide if you are interested in the more technical details!

On-page optimisation covers a broad range of elements, but contrary to popular belief, it is not smoke and mirrors! Like all forms of technology, it comes down to how well it is built, setup, and configured, for your business and customers.

Off-site optimisation is a little trickier to describe, but the principles are around how popular your website is in your given vertical or industry, how many people like your social media posts, link to your content, and who and what those websites that link to you are!

Luckily SEO Norfolk doesn’t have to be expensive, we have SEO packages suitable for all businesses regardless of your size or online experience levels or expectations. We aren’t like other SEO Agency Norwich companies.

We’ve been working in the Internet Marketing industry for over 20 years and have delivered results for some household names as well as some smaller more niche businesses working on a budget. We are not a digital marketing company, we are technologists who love SEO Norfolk.

We would love to discuss your online growth plans and how we can help build a cost-effective strategy to achieve your search result goals. 

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SEO Norwich

On page seo norwich

Our on-page SEO service focuses on the technical elements of your website’s main landing pages. Ensuring these are well optimised, technically sound, well built and all mark-ups are set up correctly for your target keywords. In our experience, the largest step-gains are to be had from on-page optimisation work, and this work should always be carried out first.

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off site seo norwich

Our off-site SEO Norfolk services vary depending on the website’s needs and the competitiveness of the market in which it operates. We can increase your website authority and key performance metrics to help drive higher performance in the search engine result pages. We use various off site methods, link-building, content marketing and Press Releases to name a few. We will audit your existing off site metrics and work to your budget to achieve your goals.

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link building norwich

Already know what you need to succeed? Our link-building services can be tailored to any budget or requirement. We specialise in building high-quality, high-performance links to increase a website’s search performance in any vertical. We’ve had some great success in the Hospitality, Financial Services and Retail markets both Nationally and here in Norfolk. Join our growing client base and see how we can help your website’s performance. Look no further than TECPLCITY for SEO Norwich.

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