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Your network is the foundation of your IT Infrastructure. Without it you could not access the internet or share and interact with your team members. Your firewall is the gateway to the wider connected world. Ensuring both of these work in harmony and without issue is often overlooked.

We have resolved network performance and administration problems for businesses which have been in-place since the equipment was originally installed, and resolving those issues sometimes brings a performance change from night to day.

Having a network which is fit for purpose is also very important, too often companies are sold something they will never utilise the benefits of or worse, a device which is woefully inadequate for their needs.

The same is true for Firewall’s. A really important part of your business equipment but like most technology, it is only as good as the setup and management of the device.

TECPLICITY specialise in resolving poorly performing networks and securing firewalls for our clients. There are so many high profile cases of organisations becoming compromised in today’s world that firewall hardening is a topic best not ignored.

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