Microsoft 365 & Hosted Exchange

managed microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) is the latest productivity offering from Microsoft. Cloud-Based and available from any device connected to the internet Microsoft 365 is the productivity suite for today’s businesses. This latest iteration enhances the functionality and features we have all been used to as well as adding Cloud Storage, Online Meeting Collaboration in the form of Microsoft Teams and Hosted Exchange Server.

Because Microsoft 365 is cloud-based, it remains up-to-date and secure with Microsoft’s patching schedule, meaningless to worry about and less time managing your productivity software. Another great benefit of 365 is access to Microsoft’s Azure AD which supports 2FA for even greater security and user access control.

In today’s post-pandemic landscape it has never before been more important to harness technology and the right tools to allow businesses to succeed, Microsoft 365 is one of those all-important tools.

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